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Press Release: National Unity Platform’s Country-Wide Tour in Hoima; A Call for Ugandans to Demand More from Your Regional Resources

Hoima, Uganda, September 11, 2023

The National Unity Platform , under the leadership of President Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert embarked on the country-wide tour, visiting Hoima district. This visit included an event at Spice FM 89.9 Hoima Radio, where President Kyagulanyi and several NUP Party officials engaged with the local community in a mobilization drive themed “Wake Up Uganda: Imuka Uganda.”

During his visit, President Kyagulanyi rallied the NUP base to actively participate in the upcoming Hoima LC 5 chairperson by-elections. He dedicated his time to campaigning for the NUP flag bearer, Moses Aguuda, who seeks to succeed the late Kirungi, tragically lost in a car crash earlier this year. This visit served not only to support the candidate but also to encourage support for the mission to liberate Uganda.

In a speech to the people of Bunyoro, President Kyagulanyi drew attention to their historical significance, particularly highlighting Omukama John Chwa II Kabalega, who valiantly resisted colonialist control from 1870 to 1899. Drawing parallels between Kabalega’s bravery and the current struggle against the Museveni dictatorship, he emphasized the urgent need for change in Uganda

He reminded the audience of his campaign promises to address healthcare, education, unemployment, and equal playing fields for all Ugandans. However, he highlighted that these promises remain unfulfilled due to a rigged election. The people of Bunyoro and Uganda at large continue to suffer from neglect and poverty, as a select few benefit from the nation’s natural resources, which rightfully belong to all Ugandans.

President Kyagulanyi expressed concern over the exploitation of Bunyoro’s rich natural resources, particularly oil by the Museveni regime. He questioned why the region remained impoverished despite its wealth and challenged the audience with questions, emphasizing the need for change:

“You the people of Bunyoro have oil, why are you still poor?”
Why are scholarships for oil not awarded to the people of Bunyoro?”
How many sons and daughters of Bunyoro work in the oil fields and management offices?”
Why aren’t the people benefiting from the rich soils of Bunyoro?”
Why is there no flourishing tourism sector in this region?”
Why are Bunyoro’s youth forced to migrate and work abroad under harsh conditions?”
“How many hospitals and schools has the Museveni regime built in Bunyoro, and do they have adequate resources?”

President Kyagulanyi’s message resonated with the crowd, as he explained that the root cause of these issues lies in the long-standing rule of Museveni and his loyalists, who have monopolized resources and marginalized the Ugandan people.

He pointed out that Museveni’s 37-year rule has only served to divide and rule, pitting tribes against each other. However, President Kyagulanyi emphasized that this generation rejects such tactics, as they unite to demand change and fight for their shared future.

President Kyagulanyi urged the people of Bunyoro to rise up and claim their rightful share of the nation’s resources. He reminded them of Operation Nyangire, a peaceful rebellion against British authority, and called for a similar peaceful resistance against the Museveni’s family dictatorship. Addressing accusations of tribalism,

He also highlighted NUP’s diverse leadership and commitment to unity among all ethnicities. He reassured the audience that change would not happen overnight but encouraged them to take small steps towards a brighter future.

The next phase of the NUP Countrywide tour will continue in Hoima on Tuesday, September 12th, and Arua on Wednesday, September 13th.

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