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Different Opposition leaders together attended the new opening of NUP PARTY HEAD OFFICES
Latest8 months ago

ClintonMirrors Publication News: Exclusive Insights on Opposition Unity in Uganda

NUP Leaders Galvanize Global Supporters in Canada, Pledge Ongoing Fight for Change in Uganda
NUP5 months ago

National Unity Platform (NUP) Leaders Inspire Change in Canada Amidst Uganda’s Political Turmoil

The Long-Awaited Premiere of "Bobiwine the People's President" Finally Unveiled at Wallis Annenberg Center
Events11 months ago

The Long-Awaited Premiere of “Bobiwine the People’s President” Finally Unveiled at Wallis Annenberg Center

Beyond Political Parties, The Fight for Freedom Belongs to all Ugandans
Latest1 year ago

The Struggle for Democracy in Uganda: A Collective Responsibility

Silhouettes of people holding signs with messages demanding the return of missing political prisoners in Uganda
Latest3 months ago

Uganda’s Missing Political Prisoners: Calls for Accountability Amidst Regime’s Repression

Ugandan expatriates gather at Ontario Parliament to submit a petition demanding Canadian intervention in Uganda's political crisis, highlighting corruption and human rights issues
Business1 month ago

Ugandan Expatriates in Ontario Rally for Intervention Amidst Rising Political Crisis

Latest8 months ago

Top Stories: National Unity Platform Unveils New Headquarters with Eminent Guests

Exclusive1 year ago

Recommendations of the Committee Report

more than 200 individuals have come forward, accusing both Muhoozi Keinerugaba and his father of heinous crimes
Latest11 months ago

Seven reasons why Ugandans should not accept General Muhoozi Keinerugaba, the son of current tyrant Yoweri Museveni, as the country’s next president.

What guarantees Ugandans that he is a trustworthy leader if he has previously violated the regulations of the electrol commission? Clinton Mirrors Ampaire remarked
Latest12 months ago

Concerns Arise Over General Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Alleged Violation of Electoral Commission Guidelines in Uganda

Unity is necessary for the reform of our nation's leadership. - Hon Francis Zaake said
Exclusive1 year ago

Hon. Francis Zaake a political, advocate,a Human rights activist and Memeber of parliament in Uganda

support come from every Ugandan who is concerned on the current situation in Uganda " article by clinton mirrors ampaire
Latest1 year ago

Why should you choose His Excellency Robert Kyaguranyi AKA Bobi Wine as Your Next President

Young Ugandans protesting against human trafficking and exploitation in the UAE
Human Rights Abuse2 days ago

High Death Rate of Young Ugandans Enslaved in UAE

Activist Sharon Kemigisha Disappears Amidst Abduction Wave in Uganda
Latest4 months ago

Activist Sharon Kemigisha Disappears Amidst Abduction Wave in Uganda