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Clinton Mirrors. A Bio

Clinton Mirrors Ampaire Biography

Clinton Mirrors Ampaire (born December 10, 1994) is a Ugandan political activist, hybrid mobilizer, and director of the Resurgence Network for Human Rights. He is also the owner of CMP Publications, a widely read online newspaper in North America. Ampaire resides in Toronto, Canada, and is actively involved in grassroots organizing and mobilization for the National Unity Platform (NUP) party in Uganda.

Early Life and Education

Clinton Mirrors Ampaire was born in Biharwe sub-county, Mbarara City, Uganda. He was raised in a Christian household, the second-born child among two sisters and three brothers. Ampaire’s early education was at Esteri Kokundeka Memorial Primary School from 1998 to 2008. He then attended Excel Millennium High School in Kampala, where he completed his O-level and A-level studies.

Driven by a passion for understanding human behavior, Ampaire pursued higher education abroad. He attended the University of Nairobi, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2017.


Upon completing his education, Ampaire became deeply involved in political activism. He joined the National Unity Platform (NUP), where he focused on grassroots mobilization and community engagement, aiming to promote social justice and good governance in Uganda.

In addition to his political work, Ampaire moved to Toronto, Canada, where he serves as the director of the Resurgence Network for Human Rights. This organization is dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights globally. He also owns CMP Publications, an online newspaper that provides insightful analysis and reports on various social and political issues, enjoying a substantial readership across North America.

Activism and Advocacy

Ampaire’s activism is characterized by his commitment to advocating for inclusivity, transparency, and accountability in governance. He has been instrumental in mobilizing support for marginalized groups and empowering citizens to actively participate in political processes. His work often involves organizing awareness campaigns, voter education initiatives, and community forums to facilitate dialogue and encourage active citizenship.


Ampaire envisions a politically engaged and empowered Ugandan society where social justice, equality, and good governance are the norm. He aspires to a nation where every citizen’s rights and freedoms are respected and protected, contributing to a harmonious and progressive Uganda.


His mission includes actively participating in the political landscape of Uganda to inspire and mobilize individuals to join movements for positive change. Through grassroots organizing and collaboration with like-minded entities, he strives to effect meaningful transformations in governance and society.


Advocate for social justice and human rights.
Promote good governance and transparency
Engage and mobilize the community for active participation in democratic processes.
Collaborate with other organizations and civil society groups.
Empower youth and women through mentorship and capacity building.

Clinton Mirrors Ampaire’s work continues to impact many, both in Uganda and internationally, as he uses his expertise in psychology and his platform to champion the cause of justice and equity.