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Resurgence Network for Human Rights Calls for ICC Action Against Andrew Mwenda



UN experts link Uganda, Mwenda to M23 rebels

In a comprehensive report released today, the Resurgence Network for Human Rights (RNRH) has detailed the involvement of veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda in supporting the M23 insurgents, as alleged by a leaked UN report. The RNRH report calls for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to hold Mwenda accountable for his actions, which have significant implications for regional security and human rights.

Background and Context

The M23 insurgents, a rebel group active in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), are notorious for their egregious human rights violations, including mass killings, sexual violence, and the recruitment of child soldiers. Despite being militarily defeated in 2013, the group has resurfaced, continuing to destabilize the region. The leaked UN report implicates Andrew Mwenda as a key figure providing diplomatic and logistical support to M23, leveraging his influential position within Uganda.

Key Findings of the RNRH Report

The RNRH report, based on extensive research and analysis, presents several key findings regarding Andrew Mwenda’s alleged activities:

Diplomatic Intermediation: Mwenda reportedly acted as a liaison between M23 leaders and various diplomatic missions in Kampala. His efforts were aimed at securing political and logistical support for the insurgents, thus enabling their continued operations.

Media Influence: Utilizing his media platforms, Mwenda allegedly sought to shape public perception in favor of M23, portraying them as freedom fighters rather than violators of human rights. This manipulation of media narratives has significant implications for public opinion and policy-making.

Resource Facilitation: The report suggests that Mwenda played a crucial role in channeling financial and material resources to the M23 insurgents. His connections within business and political circles were allegedly exploited to support the insurgents’ activities.

Implications for Regional Security and Human Rights

The alleged actions of Andrew Mwenda have profound implications for both regional security and human rights:

Destabilization of the Region: By providing support to M23, Mwenda has contributed to the ongoing instability in the eastern DRC. This support has likely prolonged the conflict, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis and undermining efforts to establish peace.

Erosion of Public Trust: Mwenda’s involvement in these activities undermines public trust in media and government institutions. As a respected journalist, his actions cast a shadow over the credibility of Ugandan media and raise questions about the role of influential figures in perpetuating conflict.

Human Rights Violations: The continued support for M23 insurgents, who are responsible for severe human rights abuses, highlights the urgent need for accountability. The civilian population in the eastern DRC continues to suffer due to the insurgents’ actions, necessitating immediate intervention.

Call for International Criminal Court Action

In light of these findings, the Resurgence Network for Human Rights calls upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take the following actions:

Investigate and Prosecute: The ICC should thoroughly investigate Andrew Mwenda’s alleged involvement in supporting M23 insurgents. If sufficient evidence is found, Mwenda should be prosecuted for his role in facilitating human rights violations and contributing to regional instability.

Hold All Perpetrators Accountable: The ICC must ensure that all individuals involved in supporting the M23 insurgents are held accountable, regardless of their position or influence. This includes both direct participants and those who provide indirect support.

Promote Regional Stability: By addressing the root causes of the M23 insurgency and ensuring accountability for those who support it, the ICC can help promote long-term stability in the Great Lakes region. This requires a coordinated effort with national governments and regional bodies.


The allegations against Andrew Mwenda, as detailed in the RNRH report and the leaked UN document, highlight the complex interplay between media influence, political connections, and insurgent activities. It is imperative that the international community, led by the ICC, takes decisive action to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for perpetuating conflict and human rights violations.

The Resurgence Network for Human Rights remains committed to advocating for justice and accountability. We urge the ICC and other relevant bodies to act swiftly to address these serious allegations and support efforts to bring lasting peace to the eastern DRC and the broader Great Lakes region.

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