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Activists React to Uganda Police Actions on NUP Rally Incident



A political rally scene with a large crowd of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters in Masaka, waving red flags and banners. President Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, known as Bobi Wine, stands on a stage addressing the enthusiastic crowd. Security forces are visible in the background, and there is a tense atmosphere due to recent incidents involving police actions against NUP activities. The image highlights the vibrant yet challenging political climate in Uganda.

MASAKA, Uganda – In the wake of a tragic accident involving the National Unity Platform (NUP) motorcade, political activists have expressed deep concern over the Uganda Police’s response and actions. The accident, which occurred on May 31, 2024, near St. Lawrence College, Maya, along the Kampala-Masaka Highway, resulted in the loss of three lives and left several others injured. The police have attributed the accident to the recklessness of the NUP motorcade, which was en route to Masaka for consultative activities.

Activist Reaction

Prominent political activists have voiced their dismay at the police’s handling of the situation. They argue that the police’s decision to halt NUP’s consultative activities is an overreach and reflects a bias towards the government. One activist, speaking anonymously, emphasized the need for an impartial investigation into the incident:

“This tragic loss of life is heartbreaking, and our thoughts are with the families of the victims. However, the police’s immediate reaction to blame the NUP and halt their activities is deeply troubling. It is crucial that the investigation into this incident is conducted transparently and impartially. The police should not operate as an arm of the government but as a protector of all citizens’ rights and freedoms.”

Historical Context and Previous Incidents

Activists have also pointed to a troubling pattern in the Uganda Police’s handling of political events and incidents involving opposition parties. Over the years, there have been numerous incidents where lives were lost, and the police failed to conduct thorough investigations or hold those responsible accountable. This history casts a shadow over the police’s actions and raises questions about their impartiality and commitment to justice.

One notable incident occurred during the 2021 election period when several people were killed during protests against the arrest of NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu. Despite widespread calls for justice, investigations were slow, and few arrests were made. Similar patterns have been observed in other politically charged incidents, leading to a growing distrust of the police among opposition supporters and activists.

The Need for Impartiality

The latest incident at Maya is a stark reminder of the need for the police to operate impartially and ensure that justice is served without fear or favor. Activists argue that the police should focus on protecting the rights of all citizens and ensuring the safe conduct of political activities rather than appearing to side with the government.

“The role of the police is to protect life and property, maintain law and order, and uphold justice. They must remain neutral, especially in politically sensitive situations. Halting NUP’s activities without a thorough investigation only fuels suspicions of bias and undermines the public’s trust in law enforcement,” said another activist.

As Uganda prepares for the 2026 elections, the actions of the police and their treatment of political parties will be under intense scrutiny. The tragic accident involving the NUP motorcade highlights the urgent need for transparent and impartial investigations, as well as a recommitment to protecting the democratic rights of all Ugandans.

CMP Publications will continue to monitor this developing story and provide updates on the investigation and reactions from political figures and activists. The call for justice and impartiality remains strong, and it is crucial that the police uphold their duty to serve all citizens equally.

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17 days ago

Uganda Police has been turned into another criminal organization terrorizing people in the opposition. The police on many occasions have caused mayhem even where it’s not necessary. It all goes back to parliament that has failed to table amendments in the elections Act. The police is now on orders of Yoweri Museveni a candidate to ICC

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