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Ugandan Expatriates in Ontario Rally for Intervention Amidst Rising Political Crisis



Ugandan expatriates gather at Ontario Parliament to submit a petition demanding Canadian intervention in Uganda's political crisis, highlighting corruption and human rights issues

Toronto, ON – Amid escalating tensions in Uganda as the nation approaches the critical 2026 Presidential elections, Ugandan nationals residing in Ontario have stepped forward, rallying at the Ontario Parliament today to deliver a poignant petition. Organized by the National Unity Leadership group, the petition calls upon the Canadian government to cease all financial assistance to Uganda and to encourage international bodies to demand the resignation of President Yoweri Museveni.

Ugandans in Toronto Canada call for step down of President Museven

Highlighting widespread corruption within the Ugandan government, the petition specifically points to Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, accused of involvement in corrupt activities including the theft of iron sheets. Doreen Kajumba, a notable human rights activist leading the group, expressed deep concerns over the persistent threats to democracy and human rights under Museveni’s regime.

Kajumba urged the Canadian federal government to support Ugandans in ensuring that the upcoming elections are conducted fairly, transparently, and inclusively. She also called on the international community to investigate President Museveni’s involvement in ongoing conflicts in the Eastern Congo region and to hold all those responsible for regional destabilization accountable.

The petition makes several recommendations to the United States government, reflecting deep concerns about the situation in Uganda:

1. Impose Targeted Sanctions: Implement asset freezes and travel restrictions on Ugandan officials involved in human rights abuses.
2. Reconsider Aid Allocation: Suspend financial aid to Uganda until significant progress is made in protecting human rights and advancing democratic governance.
3. Advocate for Legislative Reforms: Support the repeal of restrictive and discriminatory legislation, and encourage the adoption of inclusive policies.
4. Support Civil Society: Increase support to Ugandan civil society organizations that work to uphold human rights and democratic principles.
5. Ensure Electoral Integrity: Promote independent international monitoring and support for electoral reforms.
6. Investigate Regional Involvement: Scrutinize President Museveni’s role in regional conflicts, particularly in Congo.
7. Protect Civil Liberties: Demand the repeal of laws that restrict civil liberties, ensuring all citizens can enjoy their fundamental rights.
9. Secure Release of Political Prisoners: Advocate for the release of detainees without due process and support efforts to resolve cases of enforced disappearances.
10.End Military Trials for Civilians: Oppose the practice of trying civilians in military courts and ensure adherence to international fair trial standards.

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