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Ugandans in Ontario Petition Canadian Government and US Embassy for Action Against Ugandan Regime



Ugandans in Ontario Petition Canadian Government and US Embassy for Action Against Ugandan Regime

CMP News – Ontario, Canada:

Today, a group of Ugandans living in Ontario gathered at the Ontario Parliament to submit a significant petition. The petition calls for the Canadian government to cease all forms of financial aid to the Ugandan government and to pressure international bodies to intensify efforts to compel Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to step down.

The petition highlights widespread corruption within the Ugandan government, specifically pointing to Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, who has been accused of involvement in corrupt activities, including the theft of iron sheets. The petition was organized by the National Unity Leadership group, which opposes the impunity prevalent in Museveni’s regime.

Leading the group was Doreen Kajumba, a prominent human rights activist. While reading the petition, Kajumba urged the federal government of Canada to support Ugandans in their efforts to ensure fair, transparent, and inclusive elections in 2026. She also called upon the international community to investigate President Museveni’s role in perpetuating violence in the Eastern Congo region and to hold accountable all those responsible for destabilizing the area.

The petition further demands that the international community pressure Museveni’s government to:

Protect freedom of expression.
Repeal laws that restrict civil rights and liberties.
Ensure the freedom of expression for all Ugandans.
Secure the release of political prisoners and address past disappearances, ensuring due process and justice in military trials.
Additionally, the petition asks Canada to demand an end to the practice of trying civilians in military courts and to ensure that legal trials adhere to international standards of fairness.

The Ugandan community also presented the same petition to the US Embassy in Toronto, seeking similar support from the United States in advocating for democracy and human rights in Uganda.

The Ugandan community also appealed to the Ontario government to stand in solidarity with Ugandans living in Ontario and Canada, advocating for their rights and supporting efforts to promote democracy and protect human rights in Uganda. They called for decisive action from the Canadian government to uphold these values.

This gathering and petition submission reflect the ongoing concerns of the Ugandan diaspora about the political and human rights situation in their home country, and their hope for international support in addressing these issues.

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