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Political Activist Clinton Ampaire Blames Government for Failures Following Chris Baryomunsi’s Statements



Statement by Clinton Ampaire on Minister Chris Baryomunsi's warning about leaks, highlighting government failures and the need for transparency and accountability in Uganda

Kampala, 16th May 2024 – Political activist Clinton Ampaire has responded strongly to recent statements by Minister of Information, Communications Technology and National Guidance, Chris Baryomunsi, who issued a stern warning to public servants against leaking government documents. Baryomunsi highlighted the issue of sensitive documents appearing on social media before reaching their official recipients, describing this practice as unethical and unlawful.

Ampaire, however, shifted the focus to the broader failures of the government, accusing it of mismanagement and lack of transparency. “While Minister Baryomunsi is quick to warn about leaks, the real issue is the government’s chronic failures and corruption,” Ampaire said. “The leakage of documents is a symptom of a much deeper problem: a lack of accountability and trust in the system.”

He continued, “Instead of addressing the root causes of why these documents are being leaked—such as corruption, inefficiency, and public disillusionment—the government is more concerned with silencing whistleblowers and covering up its shortcomings. This approach only further erodes public trust and highlights the administration’s inability to manage the country effectively.”

Ampaire emphasized that the government’s focus should be on implementing transparent and effective measures that address the needs of Ugandans, rather than attempting to suppress information. “We need a government that prioritizes the welfare of its people over the protection of its image. It’s time to confront the real issues: improving healthcare, education, and infrastructure, and rooting out corruption at all levels.”

In light of these events, Ampaire called on the public to remain vigilant and continue holding the government accountable. “The people of Uganda deserve better. We must keep demanding transparency and good governance, and not be distracted by attempts to shift the blame.”

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