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Resurgence Network for Human Rights Calls Upon ICC: Hold Museveni’s Government Accountable for Kasese Massacre

Resurgence Network for Human Rights Calls for ICC to Re-Investigate Kasese Killings



Resurgence Network for Human Rights Calls for ICC to Re-Investigate Kasese Killings

CMP Publications Covers Renewed Appeal for Justice Amidst Ongoing Concerns in Uganda

In the wake of the Kasese Massacre of November 2016, which left a profound impact on Uganda, the Resurgence Network for Human Rights has issued a renewed call to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to reopen investigations into the tragic events. CMP Publications delves into the latest developments surrounding this harrowing incident and the persistent pursuit of accountability.

The events of November 2016, marked by the assault on the Rwenzururu royal palace and subsequent clashes between government forces and community members, continue to cast a long shadow over Uganda. The lack of resolution and accountability in the aftermath of the massacre has left families of the victims grappling with grief and uncertainty.

Despite previous calls for independent investigations and transparency, the Ugandan government’s response has fallen short, with concerns lingering about the transparency and fairness of domestic inquiries. Families of the victims remain hesitant to seek justice, fearing reprisals and further persecution.

The Resurgence Network for Human Rights’ appeal for the ICC to re-examine the Kasese killings underscores the urgent need for external scrutiny and intervention. As delays persist in the trials of those implicated, international attention and pressure are crucial to ensuring justice is served.

CMP Publications stands alongside the Resurgence Network for Human Rights in urging the ICC to take decisive action. By reopening investigations into the Kasese Massacre, the ICC has the opportunity to hold accountable not only those directly responsible for the violence but also individuals in positions of authority who may have been complicit or involved.

In the pursuit of justice for the victims and their families, it is imperative that the international community, including the ICC, remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding human rights and combating impunity. As the call for accountability grows louder, CMP Publications continues to monitor developments closely, shining a light on the ongoing quest for justice in Uganda.

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