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Ugandan Opposition Leaders Rally Against Injustice at @NUP_Ug Headquarters



Ugandan opposition leaders gather at @NUP_Ug headquarters, denouncing injustice and advocating for change

CMP News Report:

In a fervent display of solidarity and determination, leaders and supporters of the @NUP_Ug party convened today at the headquarters in Makerere-Kavule, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle against systemic injustices in Uganda.

Led by prominent figures including the esteemed ‘Madam Teacher’ Hon. Betty Nambooze, a delegation from the Greater Mukono sub-region lent their voices to the chorus of calls for accountability and justice. Addressing a multitude of pressing issues, the gathering cast a spotlight on the relentless persecution faced by party members and supporters, as well as the pervasive human rights violations and rampant corruption plaguing the nation.

With unwavering resolve, party leaders outlined a series of proactive initiatives aimed at holding accountable those responsible for the nation’s turmoil. This proactive stance extends beyond national borders, with diplomatic efforts underway to galvanize international support in confronting perpetrators of injustice.

In a poignant moment, attention turned to comrades who may have strayed from the path of the cause. While extending an olive branch, leaders made it clear that redemption lies in a return to the principles of the revolution, stripped of any compromised titles or privileges.

The gathering concluded with a solemn reminder of the plight of missing comrades and those detained without trial, urging continued prayer and advocacy for their safe return. Such solidarity underscores the unwavering commitment of the @NUP_Ug party to justice, unity, and the pursuit of a better future for all Ugandans.

As the sun set on Makerere-Kavule, the echoes of today’s gathering serve as a beacon of hope, signaling a renewed determination to confront injustice and forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow

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