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NUP Launches Party Structure Formation Roadmap and Membership Registration Drive



NUP Launches Party Structure Formation Roadmap and Membership Registration Drive

In a significant move towards strengthening its organizational framework, the National Unity Platform (NUP) officially launched its Party Structure Formation Roadmap and initiated a countrywide membership registration drive earlier today. The launch follows a two-day retreat organized by the party aimed at re-training its Constituency Registrars, District Focal Persons, and Sub-regional Focal Persons.

Addressing the attendees, party leader @NUP_Ug underscored the importance of their roles in the upcoming political landscape. He emphasized the need for courage, diligence, and fairness among Registrars, urging them to prioritize the interests of the people over personal agendas.

Drawing parallels between NUP and the People Power movement, he likened the Registrars to the organizing wing of NUP, entrusted with the crucial task of mobilizing widespread support for change. Their efforts, he emphasized, are pivotal in challenging the status quo and paving the way for a new era of freedom and opportunity in Uganda.

The launch marks a significant milestone for NUP as it seeks to consolidate its grassroots presence and galvanize support ahead of upcoming political endeavors. With a renewed sense of purpose and commitment, the party sets its sights on challenging entrenched power structures and ushering in a new era of democratic governance.

As the membership registration drive gains momentum across the country, NUP remains steadfast in its mission to empower citizens and effect meaningful change. The road ahead may be challenging, but with unity and determination, the party remains confident in its ability to overcome obstacles and realize its vision for a brighter future for all Ugandans.

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