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Ugandan Music Band Members Arrested for Criticizing President’s Speech



Ugandan Music Band Members Arrested for Criticizing President's Speech

Eight members of a Ugandan music band have been arrested for expressing dissatisfaction with the length of President Yoweri Museveni’s speech at a recent event, local media sources have reported.

The incident occurred during the 50th wedding anniversary celebrations of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline Mbabazi on Saturday night. According to security sources cited by the privately owned Uganda Radio Network news website, one of the band members voiced a complaint in the local Runyankole language, which was interpreted as an insult to President Museveni.

The band members, identified as part of the Crane Performers band, allegedly stated “Rutabandana Waturusya Rugahamuzindaro,” loosely translating to “over speaker, we are tired, leave the microphone,” as per the report.

Following the incident, the musicians have been detained at the Kampala Central Police Station and charged with insulting the president, as indicated by court files reviewed by local media outlets.

At present, neither the band nor the police authorities have provided official statements regarding the matter.

The arrest of the music band members raises concerns about freedom of expression and dissenting opinions in Uganda. It underscores the delicate balance between exercising one’s right to criticize government officials and the potential repercussions of such actions in a political environment where dissent is often met with harsh consequences.

The situation highlights the need for a transparent and accountable legal system that upholds fundamental rights and ensures fair treatment for all citizens, including those who may express differing views from those in positions of power.

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2 months ago

Freedon of expression of comedians They
must areest Teacher Mpamire too .
Total madness in this failed state

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