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Uganda’s Missing Political Prisoners: Calls for Accountability Amidst Regime’s Repression



Silhouettes of people holding signs with messages demanding the return of missing political prisoners in Uganda

Families Demand Answers as Hundreds Remain Disappeared Under Museveni’s Regime
In Uganda, the shadow of political repression looms large as the whereabouts of numerous political prisoners, including Michael Ssemudu, remain unknown. Families, desperate for answers, are pleading for the safe return of their loved ones, launching a global campaign with the hashtag #BRINGBACKOURPEOPLE.

Among the missing is Michael Ssemudu, whose family anxiously awaits news of his fate. Their plea is echoed by countless others, demanding answers from the government. The silence surrounding their disappearances is deafening, prompting international outcry and calls for accountability.

Adding to the urgency is the acknowledgment of political prisoners by government officials, including Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja. Yet, despite these admissions, many, like John Bosco Kibalama and Olivia Lutaaya, remain detained without due process or transparency.

Joseph Baguma’s disappearance further underscores the gravity of the situation. Is he alive? His family deserves answers, as do the families of countless others who have vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Reports dating back to 2017 detail a pattern of disappearances and abductions, orchestrated by the government to silence dissent and suppress opposition voices. Despite assurances of democracy, the regime’s actions speak volumes about its true intentions.

As Uganda prepares for the upcoming election in 2026, the plight of political prisoners serves as a stark reminder of the challenges facing the country. The government’s attempts to silence dissent only deepen divisions and undermine the democratic process.

Behind closed doors, the government continues to employ secretive tactics to quash dissent and maintain its grip on power. The abduction of opposition supporters is just one example of the lengths to which the regime will go to suppress dissenting voices.

As the international community looks on, it is imperative that pressure is exerted on the Ugandan government to address the issue of missing political prisoners and uphold the rule of law. The world cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of innocent individuals who have been unjustly detained and disappeared.

In the quest for justice and accountability, the voices of the families of missing political prisoners must be heard. Their plea for the safe return of their loved ones is a call to action for the global community to stand in solidarity and demand answers from the Museveni regime.

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