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Bobi Wine Addresses European Parliament on Political Prisoners and Military Trials in Uganda



President Bobi Wine and his comrade addressing the European Parliament on political prisoners and military trials in Uganda."

Advocates Call for End to Oppression, Urge International Support
This morning, at the European Parliament, President Bobi Wine, alongside his comrade, once again brought attention to the plight of political prisoners and the troubling trend of civilians being tried in military courts in Uganda. While acknowledging past efforts, they emphasized the urgent need to halt international support for oppression in Uganda with the hashtag #StopSponsoringOurOppression.

In a passionate address to members of the European Parliament, President Bobi Wine reiterated the ongoing human rights violations and the erosion of democratic principles under the Museveni regime. He highlighted the alarming practice of detaining political dissidents and subjecting them to unfair trials in military courts, where justice is often elusive.

Despite the challenges, President Bobi Wine expressed hope and resilience, urging Ugandans to remain steadfast in their quest for justice and freedom. He emphasized the importance of international solidarity and support in holding the Ugandan government accountable for its actions and promoting democratic reforms.

In response to President Bobi Wine’s address, members of the European Parliament expressed solidarity with the people of Uganda and pledged to continue advocating for human rights and democracy in the country. They reaffirmed their commitment to monitoring the situation closely and taking appropriate action to address the ongoing human rights abuses.

As the voices of dissent grow louder, there is renewed hope among Ugandans that change is possible. President Bobi Wine’s address serves as a reminder that the struggle for freedom and justice is far from over, but with unity and determination, victory is within reach.

In the face of adversity, Ugandans are reminded to draw strength from their resilience and continue to demand accountability from those in power. The support of the international community is crucial in amplifying their voices and bringing about positive change in Uganda.

As the fight for democracy and human rights continues, President Bobi Wine and his comrades remain steadfast in their commitment to building a brighter future for Uganda. Their message resonates with hope and determination, inspiring Ugandans to never lose sight of their aspirations for a free and prosperous nation.

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Zibael Wagwekku
Zibael Wagwekku
2 months ago

M7 and son are using NUP captive supporters as ransom , today he’s using Baram Barugahare to shade a picture, NUP supporters where criminals, yet they where fighting for their rights and equality.

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