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Political Activist Sharon Kemigisha Missing: Urgent Call for International Support



Urgent Call for Action as Ugandan Activist Sharon Kemigisha Remains Missing; President Museveni's Government Accused of Harassment
Ugandan Activist Sharon Kemigisha

Kampala, Uganda – 28-02-2024

The distressing silence surrounding the disappearance of activist Sharon Kemigisha continues to raise concerns, with five days having elapsed since her abduction. As her husband and the residents of Katanga, her community, demand her release, allegations of government involvement in her abduction echo louder than ever.

The crisis highlights a disturbing pattern of alleged government harassment and kidnapping of political activists. The regime of President Museveni has come under heavy scrutiny for its alleged role in the disappearance and detention of activists, with several similar cases in recent weeks.

In light of these events, international human rights organizations like the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are being urgently called upon to investigate and intervene. The situation has further intensified the already existing calls for accountability and justice.

The disappearance of Sharon Kemigisha serves as a chilling reminder of the precarious position of political activists in Uganda and the growing concerns over the shrinking space for dissent and free expression.

The international community’s support is crucial in ensuring that Sharon Kemigisha’s whereabouts are located, and she is safely returned. But more importantly, it’s imperative that the Ugandan government is held accountable for its alleged actions and the broader pattern of harassment against political activists.

The fight for human rights and justice in Uganda continues, and Sharon Kemigisha’s case is now emblematic of the larger struggle. As the world watches, the voices calling for justice grow louder, with no signs of relenting.

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