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Uganda Human Rights Commission Chairperson Criticized by Activists



Activists on stake of Human rights violations in Uganda

CMP News | February 23, 2024 | Reporting by Jane Doe
In a recent exclusive interview with CMP News, two prominent human rights activists, Mr. Kaye Wisdom and Mr. Taddeo, spoke out against the Chairperson of Uganda’s Human Rights Commission, Ms. Wangadya. The activists asserted that Ms. Wangadya should step down from her position immediately.

Their call for her resignation came after a scathing critique by Hon. Joel Senyonyi, the opposition leader in Uganda’s parliament, who alleged that Ms. Wangadya had failed to effectively serve the interests of the Ugandan people. The Human Rights Commission, often accused of being aligned with President Museveni’s regime, has been criticized for its inability to provide justice to victims of human rights violations.

Political Activist , Mr Wisdom Kaye - On issues of Uganda Human Rights Violation and Abuses

Political Activist , Mr Wisdom Kaye – On issues of Uganda Human Rights Violation and Abuses

Mr. Wisdom Kaye, one of the activists, emphasized President Museveni’s overwhelming influence within the government. He noted that Uganda, under Museveni’s rule, has allowed for positions like the Governor of the Bank of Uganda to be filled by his allies, which has raised concerns about the independence and impartiality of key institutions.

Furthermore, Mr. Taddeo called upon international organizations like the Human Rights Watch and the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate and charge Ms. Wangadya for allegedly shielding President Museveni from accountability for human rights abuses and misusing her office for political gain.

In addition, Mr. Taddeo urged human rights activists worldwide to rally behind the cause, demanding Ms. Wangadya’s resignation and advocating for a transparent, impartial, and justice-serving human rights commission in Uganda.

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