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Political Activists Still Detained: Legal Limbo Continues as Public Figures Weigh In



Court Martial Proceedings Stall: Olivia Lutaaya and Co-Defendants Remain Incarcerated for Nearly Four Years
Deputy to Felix Kulayigye, Col Deo nAkiiki

Deputy to Felix Kulayigye, Col Deo nAkiiki

The plight of political activists in Uganda remains a contentious issue, with concerns mounting over the prolonged detention of individuals such as Olivia Lutaaya, whose trial has stretched on for nearly four years. The latest developments in the case have sparked heated exchanges between public figures, highlighting broader tensions surrounding civil liberties and the rule of law.



In response to remarks made by Col. Deo Akiiki, Deputy to Felix Kulayigye, Joel Senyonyi, a prominent figure in Uganda’s political landscape and leader of the NUP party in parliament, issued a pointed rebuttal. Akiiki had downplayed concerns about Lutaaya’s incarceration, stating that individuals caught wearing a beret or UPDF uniform were merely cautioned and released, citing the case of Honorable ABER. However, Senyonyi dismissed Akiiki’s assertions as “ridiculous,” emphasizing the gravity of Lutaaya’s situation and the failure of the prosecution to produce concrete evidence in court.

Moreover, Senyonyi challenged Akiiki to present evidence regarding the allegations of involvement with petrol bombs, further intensifying the scrutiny on the prosecution’s case. The exchange underscores the growing frustration with the lack of progress and transparency in the legal proceedings against Lutaaya and others.

Clinton, a human rights activist, echoed Senyonyi’s sentiments, condemning Akiiki’s remarks as “rubbish” and questioning the audacity of a senior UPDF officer to make such statements. The criticism from civil society adds to the mounting pressure on the authorities to address concerns about due process and the protection of fundamental rights.

As the trial continues to languish without resolution, the case of Olivia Lutaaya serves as a symbol of broader challenges facing Uganda’s legal system. With public figures and human rights advocates amplifying calls for accountability and justice, the spotlight remains firmly on the authorities to ensure fair treatment and adherence to the rule of law.

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