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Parliamentary Disciplinary Committee Resumes Inquiry Into Opposition Leader’s 2022 Presentation



Today, @Parliament_Ug Disciplinary Committee resumed its "inquiry" into my presentation of December 2022

In a resumption of proceedings today, the Parliamentary Disciplinary Committee reconvened its “inquiry” into the presentation made by opposition leader Hon.Zaake Francis @Parliament_Ug in December 2022. During this presentation, Hon Zaake Franciss vehemently called upon the regime to cease the alleged abductions of opposition supporters and to release all political prisoners.

The Committee heard testimony from Hon. Nambeshe Johnbaptist, who expressed profound concern over the ongoing persecution faced by the opposition leader regarding a matter raised two years ago. Hon. Nambeshe emphasized the gravity of the issue of abductions, asserting that it warrants the attention and concern of all stakeholders.

Despite the passage of time, the opposition leader finds themselves still entangled in the ramifications of their 2022 presentation. Hon. Nambeshe’s remarks underscore the enduring significance of the allegations and the urgency of addressing them in the present moment.

The opposition leader is scheduled to appear before the Committee once again this Thursday, as the inquiry progresses. With each hearing, hopes remain high for a resolution to the matter at hand. The opposition leader expressed optimism that during this upcoming session, clarity will be provided regarding the accusations levied against them.

As the inquiry unfolds, CMP News will continue to closely monitor developments and provide updates on this evolving story.

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