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Exposing the Leader of Notorious Gang CMI – Afande Damulira



Exposing the Leader of Notorious Gang CMI - Afande Damurira

In a groundbreaking revelation, shocking details have emerged regarding the enigmatic figure at the helm of the notorious gang known as CMI (Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence) in Uganda. Identified as Afande Damurira, this revelation sheds light on the individual responsible for the horrifying stories that have circulated about CMI’s activities.

For years, CMI has been shrouded in secrecy, with numerous reports alleging egregious human rights abuses, including disappearances, torture, and extrajudicial killings. The organization has long been feared by civilians and has faced widespread condemnation from human rights organizations both domestically and internationally.

Now, with the unveiling of Afande Damulira as the main man leading CMI, the spotlight is cast on the individual responsible for the organization’s actions. The name Damulira sends shockwaves through communities that have been affected by CMI’s brutal tactics, as it becomes clear that accountability for the atrocities committed may finally be within reach.

The revelation of Damurira’s identity comes amidst growing calls for transparency and accountability within Uganda’s security forces. Advocates and human rights organizations have long demanded justice for the victims of CMI’s abuses and have pushed for reforms to ensure that such violations do not continue with impunity.

However, as the truth about Damurira’s role in CMI comes to light, questions arise about the extent of his involvement in the organization’s operations and the accountability mechanisms in place to hold him and others responsible for their actions.

In response to this revelation, the hashtag #BringBackOurPeople has gained traction on social media, reflecting the urgent calls for the safe return of those who have disappeared at the hands of CMI and other security forces. The rallying cry underscores the anguish felt by families who continue to search for their missing loved ones and serves as a reminder of the human toll exacted by organizations like CMI.

As investigations into Damulira’s role in CMI continue, there is a renewed sense of hope that justice may finally be served for the victims of the organization’s atrocities. The spotlight is now on Damurira and CMI, as the world watches closely to see how Uganda’s authorities will respond to these damning revelations.

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