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NUP Mobilization Head in Canada Speaks to CMP News on Membership Certificates and Ongoing Party Initiatives



Kyewalyanga Tadeo - NUP party Head of Mobilization in Canada with Joel Senyonyi party spokes person in parliament of Uganda

In an exclusive interview with CMP News, Taddeo, the head of mobilization for the National Unity Platform (NUP) in Canada, shed light on the issuance of membership certificates to NUP supporters and the party’s ongoing initiatives. Taddeo emphasized that these certificates serve as assurance for supporters actively contributing to the party’s activities.

During the interview, Taddeo explained that the fees charged for membership certificates would be utilized to fund party mobilization activities. He stated that this financial support is crucial for sustaining the party’s efforts in reaching out to the community and promoting its political agendas.

Taddeo highlighted the significance of organizing meetings like the one held in Toronto, emphasizing that such gatherings are instrumental in bringing together NUP supporters, providing them with guidance on the party’s political objectives. He assured that similar meetings would be organized regularly to maintain a connection with supporters and keep them informed.

Addressing supporters who were unable to attend the Toronto meeting, Taddeo assured that arrangements were underway to organize similar events in their respective cities and communities. He noted that, as leaders of mobilization, they have been granted authority by the party president, Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, to implement measures ensuring accessibility to party services.

Taddeo outlined alternative methods for supporters to register, stating that the party’s website would facilitate registrations. Additionally, interested supporters could send emails to the organization, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

In conclusion
, Taddeo stressed the importance of cooperation and teamwork among all members and supporters of the NUP. He emphasized that their common goal is to remove President Museveni from power, portraying a united front against the perceived dictatorship. CMP News will continue to monitor and report on the NUP’s mobilization efforts and their journey towards political change in Uganda.

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