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National Unity Platform (NUP) Leaders Inspire Change in Canada Amidst Uganda’s Political Turmoil



NUP Leaders Galvanize Global Supporters in Canada, Pledge Ongoing Fight for Change in Uganda

In a pivotal development reported by CMP News, the National Unity Platform (NUP) convened a crucial meeting today at the Uganda Martyrs United Church in Canada. Chaired by Tadeo Kyewalyanga, Brenda Nakato, and Doreen Kajjumba, the gathering aimed to unite NUP supporters residing in Ontario, reinforcing the party’s core values and urging continued efforts to foster political change in Uganda.

The leaders emphasized the need for change in leadership in Uganda, where President Museveni has maintained a grip on power since 1986. The meeting shed light on the challenging circumstances faced by NUP supporters in Uganda, many of whom have been compelled to flee the country in fear of persecution by the government. Disturbing reports have surfaced, detailing instances of torture, imprisonment, and the tragic loss of family members among those opposing the current regime.

During the brief yet impactful conference, leaders delivered messages of hope and encouragement to the supporters, rallying them to persist in their collective pursuit of a more just political landscape in Uganda. The event served as a poignant reminder of the difficulties faced by those daring to stand against the entrenched leadership in Uganda while fostering a sense of unity and purpose among NUP supporters globally.

Acknowledging the sacrifices made by supporters, the leaders expressed heartfelt appreciation for those who contributed to the party’s activities. This acknowledgment underscores the significance of solidarity and collaboration within the NUP community, both within Ontario and on the international stage.

As the NUP continues to advocate for change, this meeting in Canada marks a significant milestone in the diaspora’s commitment to amplifying the voices of those facing adversity in Uganda. CMP News promises to bring more stories as events unfold, providing comprehensive coverage of the NUP’s ongoing efforts to reshape Uganda’s political future.

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