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CMP News Report: Unveiling Concerns Surrounding Uganda’s Electoral Commission and President Museveni



CMP News Report: Unveiling Concerns Surrounding Uganda's Electoral Commission and President Museveni

Date: January 2, 2024

In a recent investigation conducted by CMP News, we shed light on serious concerns surrounding the impartiality of the Electoral Commission of Uganda, particularly in connection to the 2021 presidential elections, where President Museveni secured another term in office.

Previous Reports and Accusations:

In the aftermath of the 2021 presidential elections, alarming issues emerged, casting doubt on the credibility of the electoral process. A staggering 409 polling stations reported a 100% turnout, all favoring President Museveni. This raised eyebrows and fueled suspicions about the fairness and transparency of the electoral procedures.

The US State Department did not mince words, describing the electoral process as “fundamentally flawed.” Africa Elections Watch also reported witnessing irregularities, further adding weight to the claims of compromised fairness.

Reports surfaced indicating missing Declaration of Results (DR) forms in the results envelopes and the metallic black box, a disturbing revelation that directly challenges the accuracy of the recorded results and the overall integrity of the electoral process.

Furthermore, instances were documented where the total votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters for specific polling stations. Acts of hooliganism and violence marred the counting process, leading to the seizing of polling materials by unknown individuals. These incidents not only raised questions about the accuracy of the results but also undermined the democratic principles that underpin free and fair elections.

Implications and Concerns:

The cumulative weight of these allegations against the Electoral Commission of Uganda suggests a disconcerting lack of impartiality. Such concerns not only compromise the trust citizens place in the democratic process but also question the commission’s ability to ensure fair and transparent elections.

The erosion of democratic principles in Uganda is a growing concern, as the reported flaws and irregularities contribute to a diminishing sense of confidence in the legitimacy of election outcomes.

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