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JUST IN: Joel Ssenyonyi Appointed as New Leader of Opposition in Ugandan Parliament



Joel Senyonyi appointed as New Opposition leader in the Periament

Kampala, December 22, 2023 — In a significant political development, Nakawa West Member of Parliament, Joel Ssenyonyi, has been appointed as the new Leader of Opposition in the Ugandan Parliament. The announcement was made earlier today by parliamentary officials.

Photo posted by Daily Monitor Uganda

Ssenyonyi, a prominent figure in Ugandan politics, has a background in activism and communication. His appointment to this crucial role comes at a time when the opposition faces various challenges in the country. As the Leader of Opposition, Ssenyonyi will play a pivotal role in representing the interests of opposition parties, scrutinizing government policies, and ensuring accountability.

Outgoing Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga, has been reassigned as a commissioner within the Ugandan Parliament. Mpuuga, who previously held the position, will now focus on parliamentary affairs and contribute to the legislative process.

The transition of leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and strategies to the opposition bench. Ssenyonyi’s appointment has already sparked discussions among political circles, and many are eager to see how he will navigate the complex dynamics of Ugandan politics.

Stay tuned for further updates as the Ugandan Parliament begins its new session under the leadership of Joel Ssenyonyi. 🇺🇬🗳️

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