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Corruption in Uganda: A Costly Challenge – Report by Clinton Mirrors Ampaire



Parliament goes to Rwanda for interparliamentary games, each member receives UGX. 38 Millions in two weeks. However, the she Cranes whose job is to represent this country went to Namibia to represent Uganda in two games. Pent series & Africa champions, each received UGX. 500K

Recent Revelations

new study conducted by the Government Transparency Institute (GTI) has exposed the staggering financial toll that corruption takes on Uganda. The study meticulously examined both direct and indirect costs associated with corruption within the country1.

  • Direct Costs:
    • These are the tangible expenses incurred due to corrupt practices. They include:
      • Bribes: Citizens paying bribes to officials.
      • Illegitimate Contract Awards: Dubious contracts leading to financial losses.
      • Bribes to Judicial Officers: Undermining the justice system.
      • Corruption in Procurement Processes: Skewed allocation of resources.
      • Healthcare Corruption: Impacting public health services.
      • Utility Fee Bribes: Unpaid utility fees due to corruption.
      • Bribing Security Personnel: Affecting safety and trust.
  • Indirect Costs:
    • These are more challenging to quantify but equally damaging:
      • Foreign Direct Investment Losses: Corruption discourages investment.
      • Labor Force Constraints: High corruption hampers labor force participation.
      • High-Interest Rates for SMEs: Small businesses struggle due to corruption.
      • Firms Misreporting Taxes: Underreporting VAT and other taxes.

The shocking revelation: Uganda loses at least Shs9.144 trillion annually due to corruption in both private and public institutions. This staggering amount accounts for 23% of the country’s annual budget1.

2. Broader Context

3. Urgent Call for Action

The figures revealed in this study demand urgent attention. Speaker of Parliament Anita Among expressed deep concern about the alarming numbers. She rightly pointed out that while the government claims budget constraints, a significant amount is siphoned off due to corruption1.

Addressing corruption requires collective efforts, strengthened institutions, and unwavering commitment. Uganda’s journey toward transparency and accountability must continue, ensuring that public resources benefit the people, not the corrupt few.

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