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Concerns Rise Over Human Rights Deterioration in Uganda: Allegations Against Government and Judiciary



Human rights violations including extrajudicial killings in Uganda in recent years have raised the concerns - Clinton Mirrors says

By: Clinton Mirrors Ampaire – Human Rights Activist 

In a recent development, a Human Rights Analyst has raised serious concerns about the deteriorating human rights situation in Uganda. A comprehensive report by Human Rights Watch reveals a significant decline in the country’s human rights environment over the past year, particularly following the re-election of President Yoweri Museveni in the contentious January 2021 general election.

The report highlights disturbing instances of widespread abuses during the election period, including arbitrary arrests and assaults on opposition supporters and journalists by security forces. Tragically, there have been cases of protesters losing their lives, and opposition rallies were disrupted. Further complicating matters, access to Facebook was indefinitely blocked by authorities after the social network took down accounts and pages linked to the government.

Notably, the report emphasizes restrictions on fundamental rights, such as freedom of movement and assembly, with political opposition leaders being particularly affected. Violations of the freedoms of association and expression are rampant, as security forces reportedly detained journalists and opposition members, resorting to physical abuse in some instances.

In addition to these concerning revelations, criticisms have been leveled against the Uganda Human Rights Watch for its alleged failures in addressing these issues adequately. Although specifics about the failures were not readily available, a report by Amnesty International criticizes the Ugandan judiciary system for its apparent inability to deliver justice. The report from Amnesty International documents instances of unlawful killings, beatings, abductions, and arbitrary detentions committed by Ugandan security forces before, during, and after the elections.

These revelations underscore the need for a thorough examination of the human rights situation in Uganda, with a focus on the role of government bodies, the judiciary, and human rights organizations. Allegations made by Clinton Mirrors regarding the Uganda Human Rights Commission also add another layer to the complexity of the situation.

As this story unfolds, it is crucial to verify the sources of information before drawing conclusions or making definitive statements about the alleged failures of the Uganda Human Rights Watch and the judiciary system. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.


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