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Update: “Decades of Neglect: President Museveni Faces Criticism Over Dilapidated National Teachers College in Kabale”



National Teachers College in Kabale District, western Uganda is stuck with dilapidated halls of residence for students roofed with asbestos.

By Clinton Mirrors, News Correspondent

In a glaring testament to the state of neglect that has characterized certain sectors under President Museveni’s leadership, the National Teachers College in Kabale District, western Uganda, is grappling with alarming infrastructure decay. The college, established in 1984, faces severe challenges as its halls of residence for students are roofed with hazardous asbestos, placing the lives of students at considerable risk.

Decrepit Infrastructure and Safety Concerns:

Under the leadership of President Museveni, the National Teachers College in Kabale has seen little to no improvement in its infrastructure. The halls of residence, crucial for student accommodation, stand dilapidated, with roofs made of asbestos that are now leaking, while the walls rot away. This dire state of affairs not only jeopardizes the structural integrity of the buildings but, more critically, endangers the lives of the students residing within.

Principal’s Concerns and Plea for Rehabilitation:

Ms. Annet Komunda, the principal of the college since its inception in 1984, has sounded the alarm over the deplorable conditions. She highlights the urgency of the situation, emphasizing that the leaking roofs and decaying walls pose a significant risk to the students’ well-being. The college is now seeking a substantial Shs3.7 billion for rehabilitation, signaling a desperate plea for intervention in the face of continued neglect.

Government’s Failure to Prioritize Education Infrastructure:

Critics argue that the dismal state of the National Teachers College in Kabale reflects a broader failure on the part of President Museveni’s government to prioritize and invest adequately in the education sector. The persistent lack of funds for essential repairs and upgrades not only hampers the learning environment but also jeopardizes the safety and future prospects of the students.

Impact on Education Quality:

The dilapidation of educational infrastructure is not merely a cosmetic concern; it has profound implications for the quality of education. Deteriorating conditions can hinder the learning experience, compromise safety standards, and contribute to an overall decline in the standard of education offered by institutions such as the National Teachers College in Kabale.

Call for Immediate Action:

As the college seeks financial assistance for rehabilitation, there is a growing chorus of voices calling on the government to urgently address the plight of educational institutions. Advocates argue that investing in the refurbishment of National Teachers College is not just a financial necessity but a moral imperative to ensure the safety and educational development of the nation’s youth.

Conclusion: A Symbol of Systemic Neglect:

The dilapidated state of the National Teachers College in Kabale serves as a poignant symbol of the broader challenges facing educational institutions under President Museveni’s leadership. The call for rehabilitation transcends a single institution; it is a plea for a comprehensive reevaluation of the government’s commitment to the educational infrastructure and the future of Uganda’s youth.

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