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Headline: The Tragic Abduction and Disappearance of Ugandans Unveiled: Muhammad Kanatta’s Case



The Tragic Abduction and Disappearance of Ugandans Unveiled: Muhammad Kanatta's Case

Clinton Mirrors Reporting:

In a shocking revelation, the disturbing story of Muhammad Kanatta, a prominent leader and mobilizer of the National Unity Platform (NUP) in Nama Sub-County, Mukono District, has come to light. On December 23rd, 2020, in the dark hours of the night, Muhammad Kanatta was violently taken from his home by armed operatives operating under the Museveni regime.

For nearly three harrowing years, the family of Muhammad Kanatta has been on a relentless quest for answers, clinging to the faintest glimmers of hope. However, their tireless efforts have been met with nothing but frustration and desolation. Law enforcement agencies have failed to provide answers, the judiciary has remained silent regarding his whereabouts and the reasons behind his abduction, and the Museveni cabinet has maintained a stony silence about this grievous disappearance. The haunting question persists: Has his life been snatched away? And if so, who bears the ultimate responsibility?

The plea resounds loud and clear: the international community, particularly the United States and other Western nations that have extended financial aid and support to the Museveni regime, must demand accountability for the inexplicable vanishing of Muhammad Kanatta and countless other Ugandans. Their contributions should not inadvertently facilitate the torment and abduction of innocent Ugandan civilians.

To the champions of human rights, regional organizations, civil society groups, and advocates for democracy and change, the clarion call is undeniable. The missing Ugandans, including Muhammad Kanatta, warrant more than just a passive glance or silent indifference. We urge you to raise your voices, unite with us, and demand transparency from the Museveni regime. The families of the missing individuals, whether they remain among the living or have departed from this world, deserve the closure that has been denied to them for far too long.

Grave human rights violations have no place in Uganda, a nation that aspires to realize freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. The Museveni regime must be held accountable for the egregious crimes it has inflicted upon its own citizens. The world cannot, and must not, turn a blind eye to the anguish of the missing Ugandans and the sorrow endured by their families.

In unwavering solidarity, the Ugandan diaspora stands united with those who are relentlessly demanding justice and the release of the abducted, including Muhammad Kanatta and the other missing individuals. We will not yield until justice is served, until the truth is unveiled, and until the Museveni regime is held answerable for its actions.

Dr. Daniel Kawuma
NUP Diaspora Team Leader

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