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Inside Story: NUP Canada Welcomes President Robert Kyagulanyi and Ugandan MPs



His Excellecy Robert Kyaguranyi AKA Bob-Wine with his Wife Babi Kyaguranyi Earier today being welcomed with grate happiness of NUP Ugandan supporters residing in Canada

Toronto, Canada – Sept 15 2023

In a powerful display of unity and purpose, NUP Canada, led by the visionary duo Tadeo and Doreen Kajumba, gathered today at Pearson International Airport to extend a warm welcome to President Robert Kyagulanyi, widely known as Bobi Wine, and a delegation of distinguished Ugandan Members of Parliament, notably Honorable Joel Senyonyi. This heartfelt reception marked the commencement of preparations for the 2023 NUP in Diaspora Convention, scheduled from September 15th to 17th, 2023, at the prestigious Hilton Hotels.

Hon. Joel Senyonyi Arriving at Pearson International Airport with Clinton Mirrors Amapire Nup political activist and others 

The atmosphere at Pearson International Airport was electric with enthusiasm and solidarity as the NUP Canada team, accompanied by ardent supporters and well-wishers, united to receive their esteemed guests. President Kyagulanyi’s arrival in Canada, alongside the Ugandan MPs, underscored the global significance of this event within the NUP diaspora community.

The 2023 NUP in Diaspora Convention is poised to be a defining moment for the NUP and the broader Ugandan diaspora. It will serve as a critical platform for robust discussions, strategic planning, and the exchange of ideas as the NUP continues to shape Uganda’s political future.

Tadeo and Doreen Kajumba, respected figures within NUP Canada, expressed their fervor for the convention and the honor of hosting President Kyagulanyi and the Ugandan MPs. They underscored the unwavering commitment to democratic ideals, unity, and shared objectives that form the bedrock of the NUP’s mission.

Tomorrow, as NUP Canada convenes, the agenda will delve deep into the aspirations of Ugandans, with a particular focus on NUP supporters who yearn for transformative change in Uganda’s presidential leadership. The discussions and strategies emerging from this meeting are expected to invigorate the movement for change and galvanize support among Ugandans in the diaspora.

The gathering at Pearson International Airport symbolizes the resilience, unity, and unwavering dedication of NUP Canada as it forges ahead in pursuit of a brighter political future for Uganda.

Stay tuned for updates and insights as NUP Canada takes proactive steps in preparation for the historic 2023 NUP in Diaspora Convention.

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