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The NUP Women’s League recently concluded a two-day leadership retreat, which received support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Africa (FNF).



Today marked the conclusion of a two-day leadership retreat for the NUP Women's League, with support from the FNF ( Friedrich Naumann Foundation Africa). expanded by clinton mirrors ampaire

The NUP Women’s League recently concluded a two-day leadership retreat, which received support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Africa (FNF). The retreat was specifically designed to enhance the leadership skills of women leaders within the league, fostering their growth and development.

The retreat brought together women leaders from different levels, including mobilizers and stakeholders, from various regions of the country. The diverse participation ensured a rich exchange of ideas and experiences, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

During the retreat, participants had the opportunity to share their own leadership journeys and learn from one another. Through interactive sessions, discussions, and workshops, they gained valuable insights into effective leadership practices, exploring different strategies and approaches to address challenges and inspire change.

The retreat served as a platform for networking and collaboration among women leaders within the NUP Women’s League. The connections and relationships formed during the event are expected to foster ongoing support and mentorship among the participants, strengthening their collective influence and impact.

The support from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Africa is a testament to their commitment to promoting women’s leadership and empowerment. By partnering with the NUP Women’s League, the foundation recognizes the importance of nurturing women leaders and creating opportunities for them to thrive in their roles.

The successful conclusion of the leadership retreat marks an important milestone in the ongoing efforts to elevate women’s voices and contributions within the political sphere. The knowledge, skills, and connections gained during the retreat will undoubtedly empower the women leaders to drive positive change and advocate for issues that matter to them and their communities.

As the NUP Women’s League continues its mission to champion gender equality and inclusivity, the retreat has provided a solid foundation for the growth and success of its women leaders. The lessons learned and the bonds forged during the event will serve as catalysts for transformative leadership and inspire future generations of women to actively participate in shaping the political landscape of the country.


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