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Continuation of Human Rights Violation in Uganda – Persecution of Our Moslem Brothers



Human Rights Violation to Ugandans continue being violated at the Hands of the Government - by clinton Mirrors

And the violent persecution of our Muslim brothers and sisters under the Museveni regime continues! This is how security operatives raided the home of Amir Ummah Sheikh Yunus Kamoga. They brutalised his people and stole some items like they always do. As usual, the criminal regime is yet again claiming that the young men were being trained in ‘extremism’ even when Sheikh Kamoga insists they were undergoing rehabilitation and Qur’an training. If they are accused of committing any offence, why not arrest them and present them before court, instead of beating them up and subjecting them to all manner of torture? I send heartfelt sympathies to Sheikh Kamoga and the entire Muslim fraternity, and assure them of our solidarity in ensuring that one day, they will live in this country as full citizens, without any fear – Aquote from He. Kyaguranyi Robert

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