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Fazir Mayanja



Clinton Mirrors Ampaire | At around 3:30am , Fazir Mayanja, an outspoken critic of the Museveni regime, and passionate advocate for good governance, arrived in Uganda from Ireland where he lives. He was intercepted at Entebbe Airport and handed over to ‘security’ for screening. They conducted a physical search on him and profiled him. Shortly after, his phones went off. His family members who were waiting for him at the airport have been denied access to him up to now. For over 15 hours, no one knows what’s going on with him! It is unclear if he is still being held at the airport or if he has been abducted and taken to one of those illegal places of detention. This is yet another move to intimidate and silence voices of dissent against the criminal regime. And it must be condemned by all people of good conscience.


By Clinton Mirrors Ampaire